Capabilities of the skill

You are a software developer, system administrator or web marketer?

You want to check the availability of your web services?

Great - than simply visit and register. Enter the API Key of your account and connect the skill in the Amazon Alexa App.

Then visit and create an account. Simply enter the API key of your account at and enter the name of your loved one and yourself. Install the 20steps skill on your Amazon Echo devices und click "Link account".

Now your Echo devices can answer questions like:

"Alexa, ask 20steps for the status".
"Alexa, ask 20steps for the uptime".

Additionally the 20steps skill helps to impress your loved one. Simply say:

"Alexa, ask 20steps for love" - she will answer with a greeting to your loved one - the name of your loved one is updatable via ,-)

The skill will be extended continually. Next step is adding support for Google Analytics so you can ask "Alexa, ask 20steps for the current number of visitors on my sites".

P.S.: The source code of the skill is open sourced at GitHub. Simply visit and click on the link in the footer to get the code.